• Research


    from molecules to


  • Expertise

    Energy system design and modeling

    Control and optimization

    Data analytics and AI

    Techno-economic analysis

    LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)


    Agent based simulation

    Receding horizon optimization

    Model predictive control

    Game theory equilibrium models

    Multi-objective stochastic programming


    Data mining

    Control theories

    Advanced optimization

    Machine/Deep Learning

    Decision support systems


    High performance computers, cloud computing, sensors (Internet-of-things)

    (in collaboration with CREATE C4T)

    Waste-to-Energy facilities (in collaboration with CREATE E2S2)

  • Projects

    Overview and individual projects the SSE group is working on

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    Smart Systems Engineering (SSE)

    Urban | Energy | Environment | Health |

    Materials | Manufacturing

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    Auto ES selection

    Data-driven optimization to automatically design the best energy storage systems.

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    Distributed Energy Systems

    Energy Demand Side Management within micro-grid networks can be enhanced by blockchain technologies.

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    AI in Bio

    Linking genotype to phenotype using data analytics

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    Smart Health

    Precision Healthcare is on the way

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    Accelerated manufacturing

    Apply ML/AI to accelerate material process-optimization and discovery stage.



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    In collaboration with Prof Po-Yen Chen's 2D mat team, we invented an anti-counterfeiting technology

    for reliable AI authentication under extreme conditions


    See the videos at:

    Channel News Asia TV

    Live Radio Online - CNA938


  • Projects

    Patent and Product

    DeepKey authentication

    DeepKey anti-counterfeiting tech by NUS researchers can perform checks under extreme conditions