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    (65) 6601 6221

    4 Engineering Drive 4, E5 03-04, Singapore 117585

    Principle Investigator of SSE lab

    Assistant Professor

    Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, NUS

    (July 2017 - now)

    Hailin Tian


    Research Fellow (Dec 2018-now)

    PhD, Technical University of Denmark (2018),

    M.Sc, B. Eng, China Agricultural University (2015, 2012)

    Waste management, life cycle assessment, energy and resource recovery, anaerobic digestion and microbial ecology

    Pravin P S


    Research Fellow (March 2021-now)

    PhD, IIT Bombay (2020)

    M.Tech, TKM College of Engineering (2011)

    B.Tech, KMEA Engineering College (2009)

    Renewable energy systems, PEM Fuel cells, Optimization, Advanced Process Control.

    Zuming Liu

    Research Fellow (Jun 2019-now)

    PhD, NUS, Singapore (2019),

    M.Eng, Tianjin University (2014)

    B.Sc, North China Electric Power University (2011)


    Energy conversion system design, modeling, and optimization

    Manu Suvarna


    Research Associate, NUS, Singapore (2019 - now)

    M.Eng - University of British Columbia, Canada (2012)

    Data Scientist, Accenture LLC, India (2018-2019)

    Dynamic simulation, process control and machine learning algorithms.

    Lanyu Li



    PhD Student, Research Engineer (Oct 2017-now)

    M.Sc, NUS (2017)

    B.Eng, University of Edinburgh + South China University of Technology (2016)

    Sustainable energy systems: design, optimization and life cycle assessment.

    Jiali Li



    PhD Student (Jan 2018-now)

    ​M.Eng, B.Eng, Imperial College London (2017)

    Accelerated Materials Development through deep learning.

    Yinan Li



    PhD Student (Aug 2018-now)

    B.Eng, National University of Singapore (2017)

    Multi-Scale Smart Energy Systems.

    Jie Li


    PhD Student (Jan 2019-now)

    MEng 2018 Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences

    Organic waste to biochar: Process design and optimization for energy production and negative carbon emission.

    Apoorva Katragadda


    PhD Student co-supervised by Prof. IA Karimi (Aug 2017- now)

    B.Tech, IIT Hyderabad (2017)

    Supply chain design and optimization of precision healthcare

    Hakan Gul


    PhD Student, Tsinghua University (Sep 2021-now)

    MBA, B.Sc, Istanbul Technical University (2016, 2018)

    Future Industrial Energy Systems Design to be Carbon Neutral

    Yee Shee Tan


    PhD Student (2018-now)

    M.Eng, National Cheng Kung University (2012)

    B.Eng, National Cheng Kung University (2010)

    Water-energy nexus modeling and optimization

    Yixin Zhu


    PhD Student (Aug 2020-now)

    M.Eng, B.Eng, Imperial College London (2019)


    AI Applications in Materials Discovery

    Zhiyuan Wang


    PhD Student co-supervised by Prof. G.P. Rangaiah (Jan 2021-now)

    M.Sc in Information Systems, NTU (2020)

    B.Eng, NUS (2016)

    Multi-Objective Optimization, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Machine/Deep Learning in Chemical Engineering

    Zhiyao Luo


    Research Engineer (Aug 2020-now)

    M.Sc, NUS (2019-2020)

    B.Eng, Northwestern Polytechnical University / NUSRI (2015-2019)

    multi-agent reinforcement learning, computer vision

    Qianyu Chen


    Research Engineer (Sep 2020 - now)

    M.Sc, NUS (2020)

    Data Analytics & Machine Learning for urban farming and energy load forecast

    Muzi Xu



    Research Engineer (Jan 2021-now)

    M.Sc, NUS (2019-2020)

    B.Eng, Shenzhen University/NUSRI (2015-2019)

    Macromolecular Materials, Automation Control, Machine Learning

    Yun Bin Cho


    MEng Student (Aug 2020-now)

    B.Eng, NUS (2016-now)

    Diplome d'Ingénieur, CentraleSupelec (2018-2020)

    Deployment of blockchain technologies to accelerate decarbonization across industries

    Ziying Sun


    Research Engineer (Jan 2021-now)

    M.Sc University College London (2019-2020)

    B.Sc North China Electric Power University (2014-2018)

    Quantitative sustainability and Life cycle assessment

    Zhi Ming Tan, Jaswin


    M.Eng Student, Research Engineer (Jan 2021 - now)
    B.Eng, BBA (ACC), NUS (2016 - 2020)

    Machine Learning and its applications

    MunSik Park


    MEng Student (Aug 2020-now)

    Quality Engineer, LG Chemistry

    Jan 2017 - July 2020

    B.Eng, KonKuk University

    Jan 2011 - Feb 2017

    ML and Optimization for Sustainable Energy

    Yijing Yuan


    M.Eng Student (Jan 2021-now)

    B.Eng, Zhejiang University of Technology (2020)

    Smart urban energy-water nexus through machine learning

    Zheng Yingzhe


    Research Engineer (May 2021-now)

    B.Eng, National University of Singapore (2020)

    Modeling & optimization of chemical processes

    Xiaohan Zhang



    Visiting PhD Student (May 2021-now)

    PhD, Beijing University of Chemical Technology(2018-now)

    Process Modelling/Virtual Sample Generation

    Xixuan Guo


    Visiting PhD Student (Jan 2021-now)

    PhD, University of International Business and Economics (2018-now)

    International trade/consumption

  • Alumni of SSE

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    Wee Chin Wong, Postdoc Research Fellow 1/2018 - 07/2018 Currently Assistant Professor at Singapore Institute of Technology

    Model predictive control and machine learning methods for continuous pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Pulkit Chhabra, Postdoc, 10/2018 - 12/2019 Currently working as a data scientist at Insilico Biotechnology AGSenSING

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Analytics, Modeling, and Optimization.

    Xi Han, PhD Student, co-supervised by Dr Kang Zhou, NUS 2016-2020 Currently working as a data scientist at OVO (PT Visionet Internasional)

    Prediction of protein properties from sequence using machine learning

    Scarlett Chen Visiting Research Assistant, 08-09, 2017 Currently PhD student at UCLA

    Model predictive control of fuel cell systems within hybrid renewable energy and hydrogen generation.

    Tianyu Ren FYP Student, 12/2017 - 07/2018

    Machine learning for patients’ demand forecasting and precision healthcare supply chain management.

    Qing Yu Chong FYP Student, 1/2018 - 07/2018 Currently working at ExxonMobil Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

    Design and optimization of hybrid distributed energy systems in Singapore.

    Dao Truong Giang, UROP Student, 1/2018 - 12/2018 Currently Software Engineer at AlphaLab Capital

    Machine learning methodologies www.github.com/heiseish

    Chi-Hung Ho, M.Eng Student, 7/2017 - 7/2018 Currently consultant at SIGMAXYZ Inc. in Japan

    Biocatalytic continuous manufacturing of diabetes drug: plantwide process modeling, optimization, environmental and economic analysis

    Jieran Yi, UROP Student, 12/2017 - 7/2018 Currently studying at NUS

    Biocatalytic continuous manufacturing of diabetes drug: plantwide process modeling, optimization, environmental and economic analysis

    Daniel Tian, B.Eng Student, 12/2017 - 7/2018 Currently working as a data scientist at SenSING

    Data-driven modelling and AI enhanced decision making in urban energy systems.

    Xinzhe Zhu, Research Fellow 10/2018 - 12/2019 Currently working as a researcher at HK PolyU

    Prediction of biochar properties from biomass/ Machine Learning in Materials.

    Wei Wang (王威)Master Student, 08/2018 - 01/2020 Currently working at Sinopec, China

    Design and operation of hybrid urban energy systems.

    Sean Low, Research Apprentice, 07/2020 - 12/2020 Currently working as Software Engineer at Novelship

    Machine Learning and Optimization.

    Eugene Chua, Research Apprentice, 07/2020 - 12/2020 Currently working at Micron

    Integrates control theory and computational modelling with machine learning.

    Kaizhuo Lim, Research Assistant, 12/2017 - 12/2020 Currently working at Micron

    Machine Learning and Optimization.

    Shukun Wang (王述坤)Visiting PhD Student, 10/2019 - 10/2020 Currently working at Chongqing University

    Life cycle assessment/Thermo-economic analysis/Carbon footprint evaluation for energy system.

    Song Lan(蓝松)Research Fellow, 3/2019 - 2/2021 Currently working at Hefei University of Technology (Associate Professor)

    Thermal energy analysis/Carbon footprint evaluation for energy system.

    Xiaoli Liu (刘筱力)Research Fellow, 12/2018 - 2/2021 Currently working at Alibaba

    Data Mining, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, and their applications.

    Tan Huang, Research Fellow, 3/2019 - 6/2021 Currently working at Paypal

    Data Analytics & Machine Learning for Materials Development

    Bowen Feng, FYP Student, 01/2018 - 01/2020 Currently on military service

    Development of optimal Food-Energy-Water-Waste (FEW2) Nexus

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