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    Assistant Professor

    Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore

    4 Engineering Drive 4, E5 03-04, Singapore 117585

  • Research

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    • Energy system modeling
    • Control and optimization
    • Process design and simulation 
    • Techno-economic analysis
    • LCA (Life Cycle Assessment)


    • Agent based simulation
    • Receding horizon optimization
    • Model predictive control
    • Game theory equilibrium models
    • Multi-objective stochastic programming


    • Data mining and analytics
    • Advanced optimization
    • Machine/Deep Learning
    • Decision support systems
    • Blockchain technologies


    High performance computers, cloud computing, sensors (Internet-of-things)

    (in collaboration with CREATE C4T)

    Waste-to-Energy facilities (in collaboration with CREATE E2S2)

  • Lab News

    Research, Happiness, Exploration

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    Congrats on our graduate of 2019

    July 12-19, 2019

    During NUS Commencement 2019, our group members have received their degrees: Mr Ho Chi-Hung with M.Eng. Mr Feng Bowen and Mr Tian Daniel with B.Eng. Bowen has won Valedictorian and invited to the commencement Dinner. Congratulations!

    Visit by East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST) Professors

    July 3, 2019

    Prof. Feng Qian, Vice president of ECUST, Prof. Wenli Du, Dean of Information Science and Engineering, Prof. Weimin Zhong, Prof. Yang Tang, Dr. Wei Du, and Dr. Bing Wang visited NUS and our group for further collaborations in research and education.

    Smart Factory Tour

    June 7, 2018

    Part of our team visited the Model Factory@SIMTech to learn how the Industry 4.0 and AI technologies are promoting industry development. We will have continuous collaboration with A*STAR's Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (SIMTech) through research projects and students training.

    Conference Panel REM

    October 28-20, 2017

    Dr. Wang was invited to the Applied Energy Symposium and Forum: REM2017 in Tianjin and organized a panel entitled "From clean energy research into innovation" with worldwide energy researchers.

  • CV and collaborators

    Born in 1990 as the new generation of scientists devoted in this enchanting research field worldwide, Dr Xiaonan Wang (in Chinese: 王笑楠), as the PI of this young and vibrant SSE lab, has been aiming to lead the sustainability and smart systems research to real societal benefits with the best team.

    Positions and full fellowship available for PhD students, postdocs, and visiting scholars.

    National University of Singapore (NUS)

    Assistant Professor

    Lead of the Smart Systems Engineering lab

    July 2017- Present


    Imperial College London

    Research Associate

    Lecturer and Master supervisor for Energy Futures Lab

    August 2015 - Auguest 2017

    University of California, Davis

    MSc, PhD, Lecturer

    University of California full fellowship for direct PhD

    Finalist for the Best Thesis Award in Engineering

    September 2011- July 2015

    Tsinghua University

    BEng, RA

    August 2007- July 2011

    TAMU Safety Center

    Research Associate

    June 2010- Aug 2010


  • Publication Highlights

    Environmental science & technology 52, 5 (2018): 3257–3266.

    Energy, water, and waste systems analyzed at a nexus level are important to move toward
    more sustainable cities. Waste-to-energy pathways, along with the water and energy sectors are studied, aiming to develop waste treatment capacity and energy recovery with the lowest economic and environmental cost. Read more

    Computers & Chemical Engineering 115 (2018): 213-225.

    Get fascinated by the rapid development of energy storage technologies but have no clue what their true impacts are? Check out our recently published work on a decision-making framework for energy storage systems selection on our flagship PSE journal Computers & Chemical Engineering. Thanks for the great collaboration with Tsinghua Energy and Power Engineering and AquaBattery.

    Read more

    Energy Policy 113 (2018): 584-607.

    Open Access funded by Department for International Development

    Developing countries struggle to implement suitable electric power and water services, failing to match infrastructure with urban expansion. Integrated modelling of urban water and power systems would facilitate the investment and planning processes, but there is a crucial gap to be filled with regards to extending models to incorporate the food supply in developing contexts. Read more

    Renewable Energy 100 (2017): 53-64.

    This paper presents a methodology for the application of real-time optimization techniques to the problem of optimally scheduling and managing the interaction between electricity providers and users so that the grid and loads can come to an agreement to achieve optimal economic performance. Read more

  • Teaching

    Knowing, Acting, and Being in education

    CN5111: Optimization of Chemical Processes

    CN3121: Process Dynamics and Control​

    National University of Singapore (NUS), Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
    +65 6601 6221
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